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W18  The Growth of the Concerto 1     Tutor: Peter Copley


A solo instrument pitted against a full orchestra? Actually, concertos come in many shapes and sizes, not all of which involve a solo instrument or even an orchestra.  This course will survey all the forms that the concerto has taken from its earliest origins to approximately 1800. Composers whose concertos will be played and discussed inclu­de: Monteverdi, Scarlatti, Handel, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Bach, Haydn and Mozart. (Term 2: from approximately 1800 to the present day.)

W19  Classical Challenges     Tutor: Adrian Hilton


A series of team and individual games based on the legacy of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation, a cross between Mastermind, University Challenge and a Pub Quiz.  You can also choose your own specialist subject. Try the sample quiz now at, then carpe diem.                                         

W20  Roman Britain                  Tutor: David Rudling


Starting in the mid 1st century BC and ending in the 5th century AD we will explore the archaeology and history of Roman Britain. Topics to be examined will include: the invasions of Caesar and Claudius, the army, towns, roads, villas, farmsteads, trade, industry, religion and burial.


W21 Italian Language, Culture & Cinema    Tutor: Adrian Hilton

1115 - 1315           

The aim of this course is to enable you to take your command of Italian to a higher level through the media of diverse aspects of Italy's culture, society and its regions. This will cover food, art, history, music, film and some contemporary issues.  Each session will conclude with an excerpt from Italian cinema. Go to  for more details of the programme and course materials.  


W26 Italian Through the Language & Music of Opera   Tutor: Adrian Hilton

1415 – 1545

A rare opportunity to learn Italian entirely through the medium of opera for the seasoned aficionado or recent convert, whether you know some Italian or none.  Appreciate the rich language of tragedy and comedy, of sublime and tortured emotions all set to glorious music. More on the Whiteway website:                                                               

W22  Spanish for Beginners      Tutor: Maria Simons


A course for beginners which will enable students to communicate in everyday situations such as ordering food and drink, shopping, asking  for and giving directions, personal information, etc.   In addition, the basic structures of the language will be introduced as appropriate, and aspects of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.

W23  Tai Chi        Tutor: Adam Bauyumi


Tai Chi is an art embracing the mind, body and spirit which has many applications some of which are reducing anxiety and relieving stress as well as numerous health and fitness benefits. These classes will look to provide a well-rounded experience, covering Tai Chi forms, Tai Chi philosophy, Chi Gong and other meditation techniques.

W25  Burning Issues of the Day      Tutor: Arthur Collins


A lively and friendly round table discussion which seeks to explore the issues underlying and shaping the burning political, economic, social as well as philosophical issues of the day. Subjects may be selected by either the tutor or members of the group.

Monday      Tuesday     Thursday     Friday


Monday      Wednesday     Thursday    Friday



T10  French Lower Intermediate     Tutor: Claire Peligry


This is a course for those who have covered just the basics of a beginners’ course and want to develop their knowledge of the grammar and language further.  We will be looking at the language you need in different situations: giving more information about yourself and your family, asking for directions, understanding weather predictions, making purchases and travel arrangements, etc.  There will be plenty of speaking and listening opportunities for practice and we will be using videos from time to time.

T11  British Art from 1800 to 1910: The Academy to Camden Town 1 Tutor: Jackie Parry


This course examines the social, cultural and political events that changed art in the 19th century from academic practice to romanticism, realism and medievalism as seen in the work of Blake, Constable, Turner, the PRB, Morris, Ruskin and the Victorian anecdotal tradition. (Term 2 will consider 1880-1910: The Slade, NEAC, Whistler, Sargent, Bloomsbury and Camden Town.)  There will be a gallery visit each term.

T12  Improve Your Bridge       Tutor: Dave Armstrong


This is a course for those who have completed a beginners’ course or have a good basic knowledge of the game and who wish to further develop their playing skills.

T13  Computer Club       Tutor: Ray Gibson

1400-1600        Fee: £65

Drop in to these sessions as suits you and practise at your own pace under the guidance of our friendly tutor. He will teach a series of topics related to hardware, software and the internet, while there is always space reserved for student questions. Make use of the Centre’s Lottery-funded laptops or bring your own device.

T14  Art - Marine & Landscape Watercolour Technique  Tutor: Mick Bensley

1500-1700 or

T15  Art – Marine & Landscape Watercolour Technique   Tutor: Mick Bensley


(see Monday’s listing for details)

T16  Writers’ Workshop     Tutor: Claudia Gould


A place for writers and would-be writers to find ideas, get feedback and discuss their own work and that of others. Come with some writing of your own, or with ideas for writing you would like to do. We’ll give you helpful exercises, point you towards useful books and, most of all, take your writing seriously.

Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Friday


TH31  French for Beginners      Tutor: Claire Peligry


This course is for those with very little or no knowledge of French. We will cover the basics, so that you can take part in simple everyday situations and enjoy getting to know French culture. The emphasis will be on practical communication skills, so that you can get by in French.

TH27  David to Cezanne: French Art in the 19th Century 1 Tutor: Jackie Parry


This course examines the effects of the French Revolution and the uprisings of 1830, 1848 and 1870 which led to Romanticism, Realism and eventually Impressionism as effected by Delacroix, Gericault, Ingres, Courbet, Manet, Degas and the Impressionists. (Term 2 will cover 1880 - 1906: Symbolism and Post Impressionism: Van Gogh, Gauguin, Redon, Cezanne and the early 20th century shifts.) There will be a gallery visit each term.

TH32  Stained Glass Art for Beginners (8 week first term from Oct 5) Tutor: Janice Farrar


The course will cover the key techniques for producing quality stained glass – design, composition, colour, cutting, foiling, soldering and assembling. We will look at the use of stained glass in panels, mirrors, sculpture and jewellery. Students will work under expert supervision to design and create their own pieces. Participants will be required to buy extra equipment/materials.

TH28  What Price Freedom?  (10 weeks)    Tutor: Neil Phillips


Should we be free to do what we want? Is free speech always a good thing? Is controlling thought even possible? We shall explore John Stuart Mill’s classic ‘On Liberty’: the single most important book on this topic of freedom and the one on which all 20th/21st century discussion is based (not always agreeing with Mill, of course).

TH29  Stained Glass Art – Improvers (8 week first term from Oct 5) Tutor: Janice Farrar


This course is for those who have completed a beginners’ course and wish to develop further their skills in creating stained glass art. Participants will improve and develop techniques in cutting, foiling and soldering to design and produce their own pieces, under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Cost of materials and personal equipment not included.

TH30  Life Drawing & Portraiture    Tutor: Amanda Davidson


Using professional models, we will work on long and short poses, both costumed and nude, to study shape and form. Suitable for accomplished artists as well as beginners who wish to have helpful guidance throughout. You are welcome to bring a drawing board and easel. There will be a small fee each session for the model.

TH33  Sketching & Drawing      Tutor: Amanda Davidson


The art of capturing a moment in time through a sketch and seeing it through to an accomplished finished drawing. We will explore all the techniques and equipment needed. We will work on convincing architecture and figurative movement as well as the narrative of your drawings. I will help you sharpen your ways of seeing as well as your pencil! 

For Info

For Info


Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday


M1  Tradition and Innovation: 400 years of Opera   Tutor: Julian Broughton


We examine the balance between novelty and convention in a series of case studies. How much has opera changed since Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo of 1607? And how did figures such as Gluck, Verdi and Wagner manage to please their audiences while pursuing powerful new ideas about music and drama?

M2  Poetry for Pleasure: Landscape in Poetry (10 weeks)  Tutor: Lynne Masters


This course broadens knowledge and understanding of poetry and includes a variety of poets. It is a course for those who enjoy reading and lively discussion. A poetry anthology will be provided by the tutor for a small cost.

M3  Buddhism and Meditation (10 weeks)    Tutor: Cherry Collins


We will explore the guiding principles of this 2,500 year old non-theistic religion and learn about its ethical path and ancient wisdom. Using stories and texts from the life of the Buddha (“the Awakened one”) we will consider Buddhism’s relevance today and its connection with modern “mindfulness”. Buddhism is practical in its approach so we will do meditation practices taught in the early Buddhist tradition. We will have lively and friendly discussion. All levels of experience welcome.

Further information from tutor  07501 017597

M4  Flex’n’ Stretch/Nutrition and Wellness   Tutor: Bev Bassett


Fun cardio exercises for the heart/lungs to tone the body and to strengthen bones, followed  by gentle stretching/relaxation  to improve muscle flexibility and to generally give you a sense of wellbeing. Advice on diet/weight management and numerous health/wellness products will also be offered. You will need to bring an exercise mat or thick towel.

M5  Drawing and Painting with Lucy Parker    Tutor: Lucy Parker


A structured course that will take you through easy and enjoyable exercises in observational drawing and painting. By using stimulating subject matter we will try out various media: starting with pencil, then moving on to charcoal and pastels, and ending with watercolours. Please look at my website at

M6  Art - Marine & Landscape Watercolour Technique   Tutor: Mick Bensley


This course, taught by a local marine artist and illustrator, is open to beginners and those with some experience. The tutor will demonstrate each stage of the painting and explain techniques, basic drawing, composition and colour mixing, guiding students individually through their own project or one set by him.

The course is also offered on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

M7  18th Century British Social and Political History    Tutor: James Simister


We will explore a momentous century in which Britain developed rapidly as a commercial, industrial and imperial power. Georgian Britain became increasingly wealthy, assertive, cultured and urban but with ever-greater extremes of wealth and poverty. Term 2 will explore the 19th century.

BACS Option


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F36  Aspects of the Sussex Coast (10 weeks)    Tutor: Geoffrey Mead


The Sussex coast is one of magnificent cliffs, windswept marshes and winding creeks; but also Brighton prom, Worthing Pier and extensive bungalow suburbs. This class looks at aspects of the physical and human landscapes of our county.

F35  Spanish Lower Intermediate     Tutor: Maria Simons


A course for learners who can get by in everyday situations, and wish to develop their communicative skills further. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.  

F34  Painting Three Ways      Tutor: Amanda Davidson


Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour. We will explore the individual quality of these three very different painting media through set projects, gaining useful advice and tips on getting the best out of your painting project. Be prepared to be challenged. There are no short cuts but you will discover your inner artist!


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Term Starts  18 Sept 2017 February 2017

 Summer options for  Art Workshops.

where are we?


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 Tutor: Amanda Davidson

 These all day workshops give new and existing students the  opportunity to work in a friendly studio environment on a project  from beginning concept to final completion.

 Aug 01    Workshop "Flora & Fauna Still Life Painting"  

 Aug 03     Workshop "Life Drawing & Portraiture"  

 Aug 15     Workshop "Decorative Painting Techniques"

 Aug 17     Workshop "Painting and Printmaking"  

 All workshops run from 1000-1600 with an hour for lunch.

 To enquire further and/or book a place please email: or phone 07763 584330.     

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