Rottingdean Whiteway Centre

Access to all our halls and rooms.
Our new courtyard. With a resin surface called 'creme brulee'. Much more user-friendly than the old one.
Front door 15/08/2021
GB Room
GB Room. Named after Gladys Brown, an original stalwart who volunteered until into her nineties.
Our main kitchen with a supply of everything you need. Just across the corridor from the Main Hall.
Kitchen View
Fridge, cooker etc
Main Hall 01/06/2021
Course in progress in the Main Hall.
Main Hall
Main Hall in pandemic layout. Hopefully consigned to the past.
Main Hall - Decorated 09/01/2022
Decorations for a celebration. User photo.
Main Hall - Set Up 09/01/2022
Tables set up for a celebration. User photo.
Outside the Centre 15/08/2021
Round Room 10/02/2022
Ideal for small group discussions. Or even singletons who need to prepare in peace...
Foliage to look forward to.
Welcome banner
Youth Hall
Evidence of the Pre-school.
Youth Hall 26/03/2022
Youth Hall during a weekend Archaeological Drawing course