NEW! The Rise of Individualism

Rottingdean Whiteway Centre


NEW! The Rise of Individualism

Start Monday 19th September 2022
Time 10:00 - 12:00
Tutor Neil Phillips
Room GB Room
Availability Fully Booked
Course Description

The ancient world valued the state over the individual. In the modern West this is no longer true. How did this change come about – and do we welcome it?

Half term is 24th to 28th October 2022

Your Tutor
I am a retired lecturer from Chichester College of Further Education. I took my first degree at Reading University in 1970 in Philosophy and English Literature, and an MA at Sussex University in 1989. I taught Philosophy as well as Critical Thinking at A-level for the last ten years of my teaching 'career'. I am a teacher of Philosophy, not a philosopher and so, although I have some opinions and beliefs, everything I say can be challenged, (and will be if past experience at Whiteway is anything to go by). As far as teaching goes I believe that what matters most is discussion and explanation. I will provide a set of notes for each session but I do not feel it is crucial to go over every part - much better to have a really interesting talk about one piece. Let's see how it goes. There is no exam (Yay) so let's stretch our minds. I do also give out an e-mail address ( which can allow shyer class members to ask questions afterwards