The Anglo-Saxon and Medieval landscape from maps and place-names

Rottingdean Whiteway Centre

Special Event

The Anglo-Saxon and Medieval landscape from maps and place-names

Day Saturday
Date21st May 2022
Time 10:00 - 12:30
Presenter Dr Judie English
Cost £10.00
Room Main Hall
Availability 13/30 Places
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Event Description

The Saxon period is one often looked on as difficult to research but a large body of information is available in the thousands of place-names, most of which are derived from the Old English language. The philology of the individual names is complex and best left to experts, but use of the elements of the name to examine land use, settlement patterns, routes and, in some cases, features remaining from earlier periods can inform archaeological and local history research. In addition, a perhaps surprising number of field and holding boundaries and other features constructed in the Mid- and Late-Saxon and Medieval periods survive to be shown on 19th century and later maps. This talk will use examples to illustrate land organisation from over a millennium ago. 

For those living in the Worthing area this subject has been covered in a talk given to Worthing Archaeological Society.


Dr Judie English, FSA, MCIfA
My earliest archaeological experience was in excavation, firstly on prehistoric sites in Wessex and then several years rescue work. Eventually I became more interested in what went on beyond the trench and am now mainly involved in landscape archaeology. This necessitates some knowledge of monuments as diverse as Bronze Age barrows and 19th century military earthworks but my main interests lie in European Late Prehistory and developments after the retreat of the Roman Empire.
After many years in medical research at Surrey University I undertook doctoral research with the late Peter Drewett and David Rudling at Sussex University and have been teaching for about 25 years at the CCE at Sussex University, Collyers College, Horsham and various adult education classes.