Exploring Space

Rottingdean Whiteway Centre


Exploring Space

Start Wednesday 8th June 2022
Time 10:30 - 12:30
Tutor William Joyce
Cost £42.00
Room Main Hall
Availability 18/18 Places
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Course Description

This course presents two aspects of modern space exploration. The first is flying spacecraft to visit neighbouring worlds in our solar system, and sending astronauts to explore the Moon. The second is using telescopes and science to investigate the universe around us, with short discussions about stars, galaxies, black holes, and the origin and fate of the universe. The course includes a mix of short presentations and discussions about some big questions and basic science. No previous science or maths knowledge is required. A little familiarity with some basic astronomy could be helpful but is not essential. No equipment is required except a notebook and pen. 

Planet Earth, the Moon and the Sun. The Apollo astronauts visiting the Moon.
Exploring our neighbouring planets and moons with spacecraft.
The lives of the stars and our origins.
Galaxies, black holes and active galaxies
The Big Bang and the fate of the universe.

Starting on 8th June, after half term this is a five week stand alone course but may interest students from previous courses. 

Your Tutor

William Joyce has presented introductory, intermediate and advanced astronomy and planetary science talks and short courses for many years, to schools, the public and college students, and he is actively involved with space-related outreach events. 

William’s talks and courses include a mix of key concepts and cutting-edge discoveries covering a variety of fascinating topics, and are presented in engaging, up-to-date and easily understood sessions with plenty of interactive discussions.

William Joyce BSc, BSc, C.Phys., M.Inst.P