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Rottingdean Whiteway Centre

T11  Art & Visual Culture: The Painting of Modern Life 1850-1950       Tutor: Jackie Parry

1000-1200      ZOOM             (10 weeks)      Fee: 84

This course examines key issues around the development of modernism and modernity. It will examine a range of artists and movements including Manet, Impressionism and Symbolism before looking at the huge innovations of the early 20th Century – Cubism, Fauvism, German Expressionism, Dada and Surrealism. It will then consider the shift of power away from Europe to the USA and will look at the late modernism of Pollock, Rothko and the New York School.

If possible, there will be a gallery visit

T18  How Geology Affects our Lives       Tutor: Dr Tony Corrigan

1000-1200      WHITEWAY   (5 weeks 23rd Feb to 23rd Mar)     Fee: £42

How geology affects our lives and causes both sea level and climate changes and the impact of catastrophes through time such as tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Can we predict these and with what level of warning?


T14   Effective Counselling       Tutor: Jeanie Civil

1400-1600      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)      Fee: £84  

We will look at the basic practical skills required to counsel effectively. Pitfalls in counselling will be covered. Together we will study and practice non-verbal body language, how to create rapport; active listening, reflecting; open question, moving on and zipping up.

T16  Creative Writing            Tutor: Claudia Gould

1900-2100      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)      Fee: £84

If you suspect that you have a book in you - or even a couple of short stories or a good joke – come and meet other writers and want-to-be writers. Try out your ideas and enjoy a good talk about writing.

T17  Marine & Landscape Watercolour Technique        Tutor: Mick Bensley

1800-2000      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

See Monday’s listing for details.


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Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday    Friday     ness for Health & Alexander Technique   (10 weeks)  Tutor: Cherry Collins

1000-1200              ZOOM                                                                          Fee: £84

A practical course for reducing stress and relieving chronic pain. An opportunity to be with others learning skills we can use in daily life for difficult times. Friendly discussion, meditation practices and short activities in the group with home practice between classes. Alexander Technique principles will be introduced as a complementary skill which strengthens our health & movements.

It will be necessary to purchase the course book, “Mindfulness for Health”, on which the course is based. Other materials will be available online & via the tutor.

Please contact Cherry to discuss participating: 07501 017597, 01273 302569, mindful-living-skills.com.

M3  Yoga for All       Tutor: Lucy Deere

1200-1300     ZOOM              (10 weeks)     Fee: £42

Open to all levels of experience, this course is designed to help us safely regain flexibility, strength and stamina. This is a friendly, supportive group and you will be encouraged to practise within your comfort zone. Classes will also include breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.  Please use a yoga mat or towel and wear comfortable clothing.

M2  Drawing and Painting Advanced        Tutor: Lucy Parker

1000-1200     WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

A course for students with a few years’ experience of art under their belt. Through different projects set over several weeks we will explore different media and continue to develop your skills. Personal tuition and guidance will help you develop your own style and follow your passions.

M5  Drawing and Painting - Beginners      Tutor: Lucy Parker

1230-1430     WHITEWAY    (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

A structured course that will guide you through easy, enjoyable exercises in observational drawing and painting to develop your skills. Using inspiring subject matter, we will try out different media starting with pencil, then moving on to charcoal and pastels and ending with painting in watercolours and acrylics. Suitable for those with little or no experience.

M6  An Introduction to Social Anthropology       Tutor: Dr. Jonathan Newman

1430-1630     ZOOM              (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

We will examine different ways that people worldwide see and understand the world. The course asks students to take a look at how they have come to see and understand their own world.  These are classes for explorers who want to see much more of the world without necessarily leaving their home.  Learning takes place through lively discussion as we unpick anthropological perspectives using students’ own personal observations and thoughts.

M7  Marine & Landscape Watercolour Technique        Tutor: Mick Bensley

1500-1700     WHITEWAY    (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

This course, taught by a local marine artist and illustrator, is open to beginners and those with some experience. The tutor will demonstrate each stage of the painting and explain techniques, basic drawing, composition and colour mixing, guiding students individually through their own project or one set by him.



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W20  Introduction to Baroque Music (Corelli - Bach)       Tutor: Dr. Peter Copley

0930-1130      ZOOM            (10 weeks)       Fee: £84

No specialist knowledge is required, just an interest in finding out more about music. This term we will explore the music of the high Baroque, starting with Corelli and culminating in the works of Bach, Handel and Domenico Scarlatti, who between them produced masterworks in virtually every musical genre, sacred and secular.

W21  Italian - Upper Intermediate        Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

0940-1110      ZOOM             (10 weeks)      Fee: £84

This course is designed for experienced learners who have completed at least three years of  part-time study before joining the class. Although we will address all four skills (reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking), particular emphasis will be placed on oral communication. Practical advice on grammar will be integrated as appropriate.

W23  The Romans in Sussex, Kent & Surrey       Tutor: Dr David Rudling

1030-1230      WHITEWAY   (10 Weeks)     Fee £ 84

We will be examining aspects of life in South East England during the Roman period, looking at the tribal capitals of Chichester and Canterbury, and other settlements including villas and farmsteads. Exploring farming, industry and roads; and investigating the army, religion, burial practices and the end of Roman Britain.  All of the topics will be examined from the perspective of the Romans and the natives.

W24  Italian Language and Culture  - Advanced Conversation    Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

1130-1300      ZOOM              (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

This course is designed for confident and experienced learners who have completed at least four years of part-time study before joining the class or have at least an AS level qualification. The language element will include speaking, listening, reading and writing skills developed through the study of authentic materials. Particular emphasis will be placed on oral communication.

If possible, there will be a gallery visit


W25 Italian - Lower Intermediate       Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

1400-1530      ZOOM             (10 weeks)      Fee: £84

A course for those who have completed at least 2 years of part-time study before joining the class and/or who can get by in everyday situations (ordering food, shopping, providing personal information, asking for and giving directions, etc.). We aim to develop your confidence in Italian on a variety of topics, as well as expand your knowledge of Italian culture. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but will also include some grammar and written work.

W26  Spanish  Lower Intermediate       Tutor: Maria Simons

1830-2000      ZOOM              10 Weeks)      Fee: £84

A course for learners who have already completed a beginners’ course, and can get by in everyday situations (ordering food, shopping, providing personal information, etc.).  We aim to develop your confidence in talking in Spanish in a variety of topics such as holidays, hobbies or transport, as well as expand your knowledge of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.

W27 Unravelling the Universe        Tutor: Will Joyce   

1930-2130   WHITEWAY      (10 Weeks)     Fee: £84

This course provides an overview of modern astronomy focussing on modern ideas, observations and results. Discussions will cover some basic science to show how astronomers know (or think they know) things about objects ranging from stars to galaxies to the whole universe, along with exploring some relativity, the Big Bang and the prospects for finding life elsewhere in the Universe. No previous science or maths knowledge is required. A little familiarity with some basic astronomy could be helpful. No equipment is required except a notebook and pen.

W28  Burning Issues of the Day       Tutor: Andrew Clark

1930-2130      ZOOM             (10 Weeks)     Fee: £84

A lively and friendly round table discussion which seeks to explore the issues underlying and shaping the burning political, economic and social issues of the day. Subjects may be selected by either the tutor or members of the group.


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TH33  Gentle Yoga and Relaxation       Tutor: Lucy Deere

0930-1030      ZOOM              (10 weeks)     Fee: £42

Each class will start with gentle yoga (predominantly chair based) to ease out our bodies, improve our balance and increase our blood circulation. We will move on to mindfulness practice to quieten the mind. We will finish each session with a guided, seated relaxation.

TH36 Prehistoric Religion and Ritual        Tutor: Dr Judie English

1000-1200      ZOOM             (10 weeks)      Fee:£84

This course will look at prehistoric sites and artefacts from around the world and use them to illustrate the ways in which human needs that are common to all cultures, have shaped their beliefs and rituals.  We will examine the cycle of life and death; how good hunting or farming production was achieved and how supernatural forces were persuaded to help rather than hinder man’s activities.

TH30 Art & Visual Culture: 1600 to 1850 - Academy to Avant Garde       Tutor: Jackie Parry

1000-1200      ZOOM (10 weeks)                  Fee: £84

This course shows how the idea of art develops during this period, and examines how art and its institutions were transformed between the end of the Renaissance and the emergence of the modern world. It looks at innovations in artistic practice and changes in traditional structures of patronage. As well as exploring painting and sculpture, it also considers urbanism and landscape. Key topics investigated include Baroque Rome, Dutch painting of the Golden Age, Georgian London, the

Enlightenment, the Paris Salon, the Romantic artist and the impact of the discovery of the South Pacific. If possible, there will be a gallery visit.

TH34  Life Painting & Portraiture       Tutor: Amanda Rosenstein Davidson

1300-1500      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)      Fee: £84

Painting sessions will continue in your chosen medium with our model, either nude or costumed, set in one pose to run over two consecutive weeks. We may discuss working on a self-portrait and how best to tackle that.

£4 cash per week to pay the model’s fee. Intermediate to advanced level, not suitable for beginners.

TH32  French Intermediate Conversation        Tutor: Laetitia Warnery

1400-1530      WHITEWAY   (10 Weeks)     Fee: £84

This course is for students who have attended a beginners’ class already but may need to recap on some of the basics before moving forward.  Students will learn how to give more detailed information about themselves and make enquiries about travel, shopping, health, etc., and develop their speaking and listening skills. The aim is to gain confidence in using French vocabulary and grammar in specific contexts through diverse and interactive activities.

TH35  Crafters’ Club       Tutor: Amanda Rosenstein Davidson

1600-1800      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

During lockdown you may have renewed an interest in craft making or thought about starting one. You are invited to share sewing, knitting, stitching or silk painting skills in these informal sessions. All Levels.

Amanda is the author of Tapestry Cats & Dogs and Crafts Made Easy published by David & Charles.


Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Friday     


F36 Landscapes of SE England       Tutor: Dr Geoffrey Mead

1000-1200      ZOOM             (10 weeks)     Fee:£84

South East England has some iconic landscapes, such as the South Downs and Seven Sisters, but others are less well known and understood, the North Kent marshes, Surrey heaths, the Kentish Weald and Dungeness. We will look at the geography, geology and history of these and others.

F37  Beginners’ Spanish       Tutor: Maria Simons

1000-1130      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)    Fee:  £84

A course for beginners which will enable students to communicate in everyday situations such as ordering food and drink, shopping, asking for and giving directions and  providing personal information. Basic grammatical structures of the language will be introduced as will aspects of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.

F38  Spanish Upper Intermediate 1        Tutor: Maria Simons

1230-1330      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)    Fee: £84

This is a course for learners who have completed two years of studying the language and wish to develop their vocabulary, range of tenses, fluency and confidence in Spanish, as well as expand their knowledge of the Hispanic culture. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.

F30  Fantasy and Illustration       Tutor: Amanda Rosenstein Davidson

1400-1600      WHITEWAY   (10 weeks)    Fee: £84   

Creativity is often born out of vivid dreams and the aftermath of unusual circumstance. By tapping into our imagination and making the surreal appear real, we will explore what makes an exciting painting and illustrative drawing.

Mixed Media, intermediate to advanced level. Amanda is a published Children's Book Author & Illustrator.

F39  Spanish Upper Intermediate 2       Tutor: Maria Simons

1430-1530      ZOOM             (10 weeks)     Fee: £84

A course for learners who have completed at least three years of learning Spanish and can communicate fairly well in the language. You will develop you language skills to describe experiences, events and hopes, and express your opinion on a variety of topics. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.

Spring Term  2021   11 Jan - 26  Mar   Half term  15- 19 Feb

If you will be attending a course in the Centre, please bring your own refreshments, including water, as use of the kitchen will be restricted.

The Whiteway Centre and Covid-19

The Whiteway Centre, as other community centres, is subject to any current Government restrictions to ensure the safety of students and staff.  For this reason, most courses planned for the Spring Term will be delivered online using Zoom.

We have, however, planned to deliver some in the Centre.  If Government regulations prevent this at any time during the term, where possible they will be transferred to Zoom and students will be expected to switch to this delivery.  Unfortunately, some might need to be cancelled, in which case refunds will be offered.

Zoom Notes for Students Jul 2020.pdf

Zoom Notes

Zoom Notes for Students Jul 2020.pdf

Zoom Taster Lesson

Spring Term: 11 January - 26 March  Half Term 15 - 19 February