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M2  French Advanced (C) Tutor: Claire Peligry              

1000-1130   (5 weeks from May 13, no class May 27)         Fee: £42

Ce cours supérieur est conçu pour ceux qui veulent approfondir leur connaissance de la langue parlée contemporaine. Vous serez libre de discuter ce qui vous plaît et, si cela vous tente, nous pourrons aussi visionner des vidéos d’actualité ou autre pour en parler, grâce a l’internet.

M5  Keeping a Sketchbook (NEW) Tutor:  Lucy Parker              

1030-1230   (9 weeks from April 29 to July 08, no class May 06 & 27)         Fee:  £76

This course is suitable for those with some experience. Discover the joy of creating a sketchbook and visual diary.  Learn how to sketch the world with confidence through simple exercises.  We will use the village of Rottingdean as our primary resource, with trips out to inspire you.  We will also have a session drawing postcards to send to friends around the world.

M4  Keeping a Sketchbook  (NEW) Tutor:  Lucy Parker              

1400-1600    (9 weeks from April 29 to July 08, no class May 06 & 27)            Fee:  £76

This course has the same description as M5 above but is suitable for beginners.

M9  Accelerated Bridge Lessons (C) Tutor:  Peter Clinch             

1900-2100    (5 weeks from April 29, no class May 06 & 27)           Fee:  £42

This course is for those who have completed a beginners’ course or have a good basic knowledge of the game and who wish to further develop their playing skills.

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TH27  The Painted Face: Portraiture & Displaying the Body (NEW)         Tutor:  Jackie Parry  

1000-1200      (6 weeks from April 25)                    Fee: £50

The human image has been represented in many ways from high art to popular culture, from royal portraits to prints. Always tied to its history and often political, the portrait is never simply a mere representation. This short course takes a chronological approach from the 16th to the 21st centuries. There will be a gallery visit to the National Portrait Gallery.

TH29  Stained Glass Improvers & Intermediate (C)      Tutor: Janice Farrar

1330-1530      (5 weeks from April 25)                 Fee: £47

This course is for those who have completed a Beginners or Improvers course and wish to develop further their skills in creating stained glass art. Cost of materials and personal equipment not included.

TH28  An Introduction to Human Rights & Democracy (C)       Tutor: Guy Horton

1400-1600       (5 weeks from April 25)                 Fee: £42

This continuing course will focus on the British Human Rights Act 2000 and its application to contemporary British issues with illustrations from significant case studies.

TH30  Life Drawing & Portrait Painting (C)                        Tutor:  Amanda Davidson

1400-1600        (10 weeks from April 25)                 Fee: £84

Using professional models, we will work on short and long poses, both costumed and nude, to study shape and form.  Suitable for accomplished artists as well as beginners who wish to have helpful guidance throughout.  There will be a fee of £4 each session for the model.


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F37 Spanish Beginners A (C) Tutor:  Maria Simons              

1000-1130    (10 weeks from May 03 to July 12)    Fee: £84

A continuation course for those who attended in the spring term.

F38 Spanish Beginners B (C) Tutor:  Maria Simons              

1200-1330     (10 weeks from May 03 to July 12)    Fee: £84

A continuation course for those who attended in the spring term.

F35  Spanish Upper Intermediate (C) Tutor: Maria Simons    

1400-1530    (10 weeks from May 03 to July 12)    Fee: £84

This continuation course is for learners who can get by in everyday situations, and wish to develop their communicative skills further. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.  

F34  Back to the Drawing Board!  (NEW)       Tutor:  Amanda Davidson   

1400-1600    (10 weeks from April 26)     Fee: £84

In this course we will be looking at the techniques of drawing with graphite pencils, black charcoal, illustration pens, and dip pen & ink. We will cover shading, cross-hatching, fine line detailing and ink washes. We will also consider which is the best equipment to use and studying the drawings of famous artists to see what makes a brilliant drawing!



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W18  Death, Disaster and Mayhem: Opera in the 19th Century, further explorations (C)        Tutor: Peter Copley              

0930-1130    (5 weeks from April 24)            Fee: £42

Many operas composed in the 19th century have survived in the repertoire of opera houses to the present day. This course will examine traditions of operatic composition from Rossini to Wagner and trace changing and sometimes contradictory ideas current at the time as to what opera was or should be.

W23 Coins & History: The Ancient World  (NEW)       Tutor:  Dr David Rudling

1030-1230    (5 weeks from April 24)                     Fee: £42

This course will explore both the purposes of coins in the Ancient World and the variety of metals, forms and sizes that have been used. We will explore what the images and lettering on ancient coins can tell us about art, material culture, propaganda and famous individuals known to history. Well illustrated throughout, the course will also involve the inspection of actual coins. The tutor is a member of both the British and Royal Numismatic Societies. This course is suitable for historians, archaeologists, coin collectors, metal detectorists, and those interested generally in ancient history.

W23  Italian Basics for Beginners (C) Tutor: Adrian Hilton            

 0930-1100   (5 weeks from April 24)                 Fee: £42

This continuing course is for enthusiasts who seek new challenges and rewards in learning this lovely, melodious language.  It consists of language study and speaking practice enhanced by lively TV programmes.  Aims to be instructive, entertaining and useful to the traveller.  Coursebook required. See Whiteway website ( for more details.

W19  Italian Language & Culture (Intermediate) (C)       Tutor:  Adrian Hilton

1130-1315    (5 weeks from April 24)                     Fee: £42

This continuing course is designed for those who have already acquired a good grounding in Italian who wish to take their knowledge and skills further. It has a multimedia format based on language study, audio CD, DVD video, film and the internet with lively dialogues in a colloquial style. Coursebook required.  See Whiteway website ( for further details.

W21  Lingua, Cultura e Film Italiani  (C)      Tutor:  Adrian Hilton            

1415-1600    (5 weeks from April 24)                     Fee: £42

Ecco l'occasione di portare ad un livello superiore la vostra competenza nella lingua italiana sia attraverso lo studio della grammatica che aspetti della società e della cultura italiana quali l'arte, la musica, la letteratura e il film. Vi servirà il libro dello studente. Vedere il nostro sito web.

W22  Spanish Lower Intermediate (C) Tutor:  Maria Simons            

1830-2000    (5 weeks from May 01)                   Fee: £42

This continuation course will enable students to communicate in everyday situations such as travelling, arranging to go out or making future plans.  The basic grammatical structures of the language will be developed further as will the knowledge of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.  The emphasis will be on listening and speaking.

W25  Burning Issues of the Day (C) Tutor:  Arthur Collins             

1930-2130     (5 weeks from April 24)               Fee: £42

A lively and friendly round table discussion which seeks to explore the issues underlying and shaping the burning political, economic, social as well as philosophical issues of the day.  Subjects may be selected by either the tutor or by members of the group.

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T11  Vision and Difference: Women, Art and Society  (NEW) Tutor:  Jackie Parry                          

1000-1200    (6 weeks from April 23)        Fee: £50

In the 1970's Linda Nochlin asked 'Why were there no great women artists?', which challenged the canon of art by re-establishing the names and work of many women artists ignored by mainstream art history. This short course takes a chronological approach from the 16thC to the 21stC  and sets women artists within their historical context. There will be a gallery visit.

T9  French Intermediate Conversation  (C)                Tutor: Claire Peligry

1415-1545     (5 weeks from April 23)        Fee: £42

The emphasis in this course is on conversation and is designed to build confidence, improve pronunciation and develop your knowledge of French vocabulary and grammar.

T13  Information Technology Workshop (C) Tutor:  Ray Gibson   

1400-1600    (10 weeks from April 23)           Fee: £70                           

Do you struggle to use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone? Are you a complete beginner or do you know some of the basics but want to know more? In this course you will learn and practise at your own pace under the guidance of our friendly tutor. He will teach a series of topics related to hardware, software and the internet, while there is always space reserved for student questions. Make use of the Centre’s laptops or bring your own device, whether laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

T16  Creative Writing  (C) Tutor:  Claudia Gould                      

 1900-2100    (5 weeks from April 23)            Fee:  £42

If you suspect you might have a book in you - or even a couple of short stories or a good joke - come and meet other writers and want-to-be writers.  Try out your ideas, practise your prose and enjoy good talk about writing.


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Autumn Term 2019       23 Sept - 6 Dec    Half Term   28 Oct – 1 Nov

Spring Term 2019          14 Jan - 29 Mar    Half Term   18-22 Feb

Summer Term 2019     23 Apr - 8 July       Half Term    27-31 May

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