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Rottingdean Whiteway Centre


Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday    Friday     ness for Health & Alexander Technique   (10 weeks)  Tutor: Cherry Collins

1000-1200              ZOOM                                                                          Fee: £84

A practical course for reducing stress and relieving chronic pain. An opportunity to be with others learning skills we can use in daily life for difficult times. Friendly discussion, meditation practices and short activities in the group with home practice between classes. Alexander Technique principles will be introduced as a complementary skill which strengthens our health & movements.

It will be necessary to purchase the course book, “Mindfulness for Health”, on which the course is based. Other materials will be available online & via the tutor.

Please contact Cherry to discuss participating: 07501 017597, 01273 302569, mindful-living-skills.com.

M2  Drawing and Painting Advanced                                                                                      Tutor: Lucy Parker

1000-1200     ZOOM                    (5 weeks)                                                                                                Fee: £42

A course for students with a few years’ experience of art under their belt. Through different projects set over several weeks we will explore different media and continue to develop your skills. Personal tuition and guidance will help you develop your own style and follow your passions.

M3  Yoga for All                                                                                                                          Tutor: Lucy Deere

1200-1300     ZOOM                   (5 weeks)                                                                                                 Fee: £21

Open to all levels of experience, this course is designed to help us safely regain flexibility, strength and stamina. This is a friendly, supportive group and you will be encouraged to practise within your comfort zone. Classes will also include breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.  Please use a yoga mat or towel and wear comfortable clothing.



T11  Art & Visual Culture: Women and Art in the 20th  Century                                          Tutor: Jackie Parry

1000-1200      ZOOM             (5weeks)                                                                                                        Fee: £42

This short course will examine the role that women artists have played in 20th century art. From Jacqueline Marvel and Emile Chamney in early modernist Paris, to Ana Mendieta and Eva Hesse.

Issues of gender will be considered and how they have been negotiated in contemporary theory and practice.

T19 Introducing the Victorians                                                                                                Tutor: Sarah Tobias

1400-1600       ZOOM            (5 Weeks)                                                                                                       Fee: £42

An introduction into the world of the remarkable and influential Victorian period which spanned 64 years and saw many changes and advances. These opened up spheres of communication, travel and consumerism, especially after the Great Exhibition of 1851.

This era saw many changes in all aspects of daily life within the home, at work, in the factories, mills and for the lives of the working, middle and upper classes.


Monday    Wednesday     Thursday    Friday     


W20  Aspects of Bach                                                                                                               Tutor: Dr. Peter Copley

0930-1130       ZOOM            (5 weeks)                                                                                                            Fee: £42

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) is generally acknowledged to be one of the most important composers of the late (High) baroque period in music history. This 5 week course will survey his output in all musical genres to which he contributed, and attempt to place his music in its social and cultural context. No special knowledge is needed for full participation, just an interest in listening to music and learning more about it.

W21  Italian - Upper Intermediate                                                                                             Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

0940-1110       ZOOM            (5 weeks)                                                                                                          Fee: £42

This course is designed for experienced learners who have completed at least three years of  part-time study before joining the class. Although we will address all four skills (reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking), particular emphasis will be placed on oral communication. Practical advice on grammar will be integrated as appropriate.

W21  English Coins and Tokens, c AD 600-1971                                                                    Tutor: Dr David Rudling

1030 - 1230      ZOOM           (5 weeks)                                                                                                        Fee: £42

This course will explore the history of the use of coins and tokens in England from c. AD 600-1971. We will consider the range of metals, shapes, sizes and weights that have been used. We will also explore what the images and lettering on English coins and tokens can tell us about history, material culture, propaganda and famous individuals known to history. Illustrated throughout, the course will also involve the inspection of actual coins. The tutor is a member of the British Numismatic Society. This course is suitable for historians, archaeologists, coin collectors, metal detectorists, and those generally in English history

W24  Italian Language and Culture  - Advanced Conversation                                           Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

1130-1300      ZOOM             (5 weeks)                                                                                                       Fee: £42

This course is designed for confident and experienced learners who have completed at least four years of part-time study before joining the class or have at least an AS level qualification. The language element will include speaking, listening, reading and writing skills developed through the study of authentic materials. Particular emphasis will be placed on oral communication.

W25 Italian - Lower Intermediate                                                                                             Tutor: Nicla Mazzoni

1400-1530      ZOOM             (5 weeks)                                                                                                       Fee: £42

A course for those who have completed at least 2 years of part-time study before joining the class and/or who can get by in everyday situations (ordering food, shopping, providing personal information, asking for and giving directions, etc.). We aim to develop your confidence in Italian on a variety of topics, as well as expand your knowledge of Italian culture. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but will also include some grammar and written work.

W26  Spanish  Lower Intermediate                                                                                         Tutor: Maria Simons

1830-2000      ZOOM             (5 Weeks)                                                                                                       Fee: £42

A course for learners who have already completed a beginners’ course, and can get by in everyday situations (ordering food, shopping, providing personal information, etc.).  We aim to develop your confidence in talking in Spanish in a variety of topics such as holidays, hobbies or transport, as well as expand your knowledge of the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.


Monday      Tuesday     Thursday     Friday     


TH36  More Scientific Archaeology                                                                                     Tutor: Dr. Judie English

1000 – 1200      ZOOM      (5 Weeks)                                                                                                           Fee: £42

The last decades have seen a vast increase in the scientific techniques available to archaeologists. DNA analysis enables individual relationships to be recognised, isotopic studies reveal an individual’s travels and diet, Bayesian modelling of radiocarbon dates allows them to be placed within a single generation and LiDAR ‘sees’ through vegetation to bring woodland under the gaze of aerial photography. This course will include basic description of techniques but will bring the subject up to date.

TH30 Art & Visual Culture: VIEWS OF DIFFERENCE                                                        Tutor: Jackie Parry

1000-1200      ZOOM                  (5 weeks)                                                                                                  Fee: £42

This short course will examine how views of cultural difference were expressed in early colonizers views of ‘art’, and how they still affect evaluations to the present day. It will consider art and artists from the pre to post colonial periods, and the theories and debates which have examined this idea of difference to the 21st century. It will also consider the effects of China and Japan on European art.


Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Friday     


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F46 Landscapes of SE England                                                                                        Tutor: Dr Geoffrey Mead

1000-1200      ZOOM             (5weeks)                                                                                                       Fee:£42

South East England has some iconic landscapes, such as the South Downs and Seven Sisters, but others are less well known and understood; the North Kent marshes, Surrey heaths, the Kentish Weald and Dungeness. We will look at the geography, geology and history of these and others.

F48  Spanish Upper Intermediate 1                                                                                   Tutor: Maria Simons

1200-1330       ZOOM          (10 weeks)                                                                                                      Fee: £84

This is a course for learners who have completed two years of studying the language and wish to develop their vocabulary, range of tenses, fluency and confidence in Spanish, as well as expand their knowledge of the Hispanic culture. The emphasis will be on listening and speaking but also some grammar and written work will be covered as appropriate.

Summer Term:  starts 19 April  2021

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